Gifts for the Guy In Your Life – When You Can’t Afford a Car

It’s often difficult to choose gifts for the guy in your life, whether he is your husband, boyfriend, brother, or father.   

A long time ago, I decided to stop buying clothing, because what I liked, he didn’t.   And, any other gift he “really” wanted was way beyond my means, pocketbook-wise and expertise-wise .   So, if I couldn’t afford to buy his dream car, which I’m sure was at the top of his “wanna-have” list, what could I get?  Hopefully something that wouldn’t end up in the back of the closet, never to  be seen again.

Car-Related Gifts 

Men love anything on four wheels.  I know this, because almost every guy I’ve known spends a significant amount of their time either looking at or talking about cars.   So, why not give the guy in your life something that he actually wants?  It may not be that “special car” he’s been dreaming of, but there are a lot of car-related items that will satisfy your guy’s  “obsession” with the automobile.  Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to find something that fits the bill and is affordable.   

Oftentimes, you need look no farther than your local Advanced Auto or Auto Zone to find just the right gift.  Whether he’s a “certifiable” car nut, or just a “normal” guy, car-related gifts are usually a hit.  Here are some ideas for that special person in your life.

Car Detailing Items

You may not know it, but the 11th Commandment is “Thou shall not have a dirty car.”   Surprisingly, your guy will really be happy  with an assortment of detailing supplies.  You can buy a prepackaged box of goodies, or have fun filling up a bucket that he can use later for washing his car or storing his supplies.    If you don’t have a clue what to buy, just visit one of the online auto stores

Car Shirts and Caps

Just as guys have their favorite sports team, they also have their favorite cars, as seen on the T-Shirts, Hawaiian shirts, and baseball caps they wear.   For a unique gift, visit one of the online cap embroidery stores.   Here, you’ll find a wide selection of car-related baseball caps, or you can send them a car photo to embroider on the cap of your choice.

Race Car Tickets

Why not give season tickets or individual event tickets to your dad, brother, or significant other?  Even better, pack a picnic lunch, and hang out with him at the track.  

Man Cave Memorabilia

Car enthusiasts demonstrate their passion for cars not only by what they wear, but also by what they collect.  Whether its tools, car show trophies, model cars, or wall art, there’s no shortage of items you can buy for that special guy’s man cave.   Shop online or at a car auction for something unique to add to his collection.

You Can’t Go Wrong

I’ve chosen gifts that were real losers over the years, but I’ve never gone wrong when I’ve gifted an item related to cars. As women, we may not understand it, but I guess “it’s a guy thing.”